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As a nation and a people, it is imperative to console our existence as we have been made to face untold hardship since the advent of the ruling APC in 2015.

We must also give thanks to GOD ALMIGHTY for holding us together in spite the division that looks us in the face, a situation that is very strange to us as a people.

This generation of ours must ensure that we remain one and indivisible because that is the only weapon that we have to fight internal and external forces that threatens our unity in order to scuttle the good fight that our heroes past fought to give us independence, and the democracy that the PDP nurtured and sustained from may 1999 until may 29th 2015, precisely sixteen (16) years ago.

We are a peculiar people and I congratulate us for holding on to now.

The resilience of our hope and aspirations to better Nigeria come 2019 as we holistically reject this non focus but Hocus-Pocus ricaposive ricapotua that amounts to shibenji government of the day with the greatest weaponry (PVC) must not be tremulous because the generations to come would hold us responsible if we allow this anomalies to continue beyond 2019.

The only thing to be done for the souls of the gruesomely murdered Nigerians to rest in peace, and to give respite to our country men, women, youths and children at the various internally displaced camps in our own country due to the lack of sincerity of purpose on the part of the ruling APC is to unite and kick them out of government come 2019.

Again, we use this opportunity to call on the politician of the year 2017, according to the just concluded leadership newspapers awards to clear the air, as we are getting more apprehensive by the day as to officially declare to contest the presidency come 2019 because the nation yearns for a leadership prowess that is purposeful, objective as that of Kaduna State from 1999 through to 2007 and the one that saved the PDP from going into oblivion but repositioned it to a stronger and better choice and hope for Nigerians today and the future.

Once again, congratulations and happy democracy.

 Long Live Nigeria

Odama Groovydee Abednigo OGA,
National Convener

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