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Independence Day: The Youths Delivering the Dividend of Democracy in Nigeria

Democracy seems to have originated in ancient Greece, particularly the city states of Athens.  Indeed the word "democracy"  derives from two Greek words,  'demos' which means 'the people' and "Kratein" which means 'rule of or by'.  The term literally means 'rule by the people's. 

Abraham Lincoln defined the concept of democracy as the government of the people,  by the people and for the people.

Nigeria was delivered from the tyranny of dictatorship 19-year ago(1999). The first peaceful transition of government from military to civilian took place under the  leadership of Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar; head of state(1998-1999) to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo on May 29, 1999.

But the irony of the matter is that since 1999 to the present we have not been practicing what democracy is since then.

Democracy in Nigeria has been enmeshed in bad leadership, violation of rule of law, impunity, bribery and corruption,insecurity, unemployment, mutiny and underdevelopment.

Who will save Nigerians from this clog of retrogression? The only solution to this is the full entrenchment of democracy in Nigeria by electing young visionary leaders to deliver the dividend of democracy to us. 

Our democracy so far is gerontocracy,  the rule of elders and old. Since May 29, 1999 - 2018 we have been impoverished by the old who have failed to renege their promises to us.  We need young leaders with young minds to deliver the dividend of democracy to us. 

The leaders who are holding us hostage especially at the apex of the Federal Level appeared in leadership limelight at youthful ages. 

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was 38 years old when he was head of state in 1976, likewise President Muhammadu Buhari was 40 years old when he became Head of state in 1983. Dr Yakabu Gowon was 32 years old when he became Head of state from 1966 to 1975.

It's hightime our sleeping youth rose up to wrest the reins of power from the older generation.  If it can happen in France that we have Emmanuel Macron,  in Canada we have young Justin Trudeau,  in North - Korea we have Kim Jung Un it can happen in Nigeria we can have young and amiable Fela Durotoye,  Chris Emejuru, Adamu Garba II, Omoyele Sowore or any other young mind as the next President of Nigeria. 

It's hightime we stood up and say no to gerontocracy.
Nigeria will be great again.  Our Young leaders are more than able they can deliver the dividend of democracy to us.  Let us give them the necessary support they need. 

Happy Democracy  Day

*Olorunshola Oluwaseun*

👔Dr Kuti

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