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KANO 2019 - Bad Health control & Drinages (Hausa Audio)

One of the greatest frauds in Kano political landscapes is Ganduje-led (mal)administration.

All the so-called projects he excuted and/or is executing are true reflections of bad governance.

For the 2nd time since the rains commenced, Kano is now littered with refuse, filth, garbage and others exposing  envirnomental decadence in the poor State.

Drainages all blocked. Refuse have now taken over roads, canals oozing, etc as if a government never exists.

Panshekara road underpass (popularly known as Ganduje Dam), Kofar Ruwa underpass, Dangi underpass, etc are now not only eye sores but pose great danger towards causing havoc, flooding, loss of livesand property, etc, if not immediately and effectively checkmated.

It is sad that despite wasting billions of the state treasury by the State Government, there is absolutely nothing to show for across board.

This is indeed regrettably unacceptable and requires all and sundry to join hands and forces and stop the administrative menace and political inflictions.

I am determined that come 2019, Governor Ganduje is voted out at all cost due his lack of political will and capacity to handle and lead a State as Kano.

The facts herein are so very glaring even to the blind.

It is well.

Mallam Hamisu Magaji


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