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Message to Nigerians on the Occasion of the 2018 Democracy Day by Dr Ifedi Okwenna, Director General, Save Democracy Africa.

Fellow compatriots,

Today, 29th of May,  marks yet another democracy day. A day set aside to commemorate our return to constitutional democracy, 19 years ago. We thank our heros past and present for giving us Nigeria.

In 1999, we ushered in this democratic governance with great expectation and hope.  We marched with determination hoping to turn this Africa's largest democracy into the world and Africa's superpower. We wanted to build a free nation where all could proudly call our home. We wanted  freedom,  justice,  equity and fairness to all. We wanted a Nigeria were tongues may differ, but boundaries erased. 19yrs down the line, instead of those beautiful aspirations and expectations,  we have lost our peace and our oneness. Life has become meaningless and worthless.

Tens and hundreds of Nigerians die everyday in the hands of fellow Nigerians with us nearly unperturbed. More Nigerians are in IDP camps than at any other time in our nation's history. Politics is being played with great bitterness and the win at all cost syndrome seem to have reverberated. But can we give up hope?

 I urge you to stand up and protect this democracy. This should be the defining moment in our race to enthrone a sustainable democracy and leave a legacy of free speech and inclusiveness. We must never get tired,  but to stand up to rebuild this nation for our children. In doing this,  we must open our minds and escue bitterness, hatred and exclusion.

 If we march the long road to building  our democracy and freedom in hatred and divisiveness, we she find at the end that the democracy we seek may not be there, and that the freedom we aspire to get will eventually turn to another prison. Let us therefore, in starting this new journey, arm ourselves with our PVC.  Make ourselves available to vote and be voted for.

The youths should position themselves to take power and to change the narrative of corruption in governance in Nigeria.

I wish Nigeria well. Happy democracy day 2018.

Dr.  Ifedi Okwenna,
Director General SDA.

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