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My Friday in Lagos - I still don't understand it but read my Narration.

Photo by Fadaka Louis: Ojota Lagos

So My Friday 4th May started a bit dull, with no clear appointment I decided to quickly get my hair cut, so here -

Begger selling Handkerchief 
Moving to Ojota, at the round about after City Mall, I was touched by this begger who was rolling and selling handkerchief  instead of begging. I had no need for handkerchief at that moment but I decided to buy one. Somehow  I cherished that material for a long time, not until Temi Badmus used it to mop her face. Arrg! I mean I was just so careful not to stain it.

Two Ladies beating innocent Conductor from Ojodu Berger.
Well on this same vehicle were this two slutty-dressed-calabar-ladies, yes everyone with eyes were steering. Well after  I was done with the 'begger', the bus moved, then "change wahala" started. Just like he had told two other people, so did the conductor tell  one of these ladies, " I no get chage, but before we reach Ojota I go buy something give you your remaining N100 - apparently, they gave him  500, in which he had already changed N200, remaining balance of N100.

How the matter escalated to commuters abusing the ladies and the conductor calling one of them who have been raining causes for over 3minuites, Asewo, is what I did not know, since I was on earpiece and since i was still analyzing the new song by Dj Nestle featuring Godillac titled Kerewa before its official release. Anyways, before i could say 'Idowest' they had beaten serious blood out of the conductor, dragged him out of the bus and continued beating and rolling him and I was wondering were those "Women Rights Activist" that always appear from no where when a woman is pinched. Its been over 10minuites and none, strange of all, some men even wanted to start beating the man, their defence, for 'fighting women'. That was prervented by humans though.  Good News, SARS came around, seeing the situation, smartly begged the women to lerave the man, but the bluntly ignored the uniform. I left when bra scattered on the floor.

Moving on,

The Thief-Begger

 At Ojota, its time to do Blue Bus, I bought  my ticket, N100 to Fadeyi. Oops! Now I am less on cash, aim to withdraw at Fadeyi. On the cue, this guy, came so humble, begged me to help him to Ojota. I had just N200 with me, out of pity, I gave him the note, told him to bring me N100. Here comes the bus, people were entering, but me was waiting for this dude, something said to me, look very well, then I realized, dude played me. Nice!

Finally, Highway Managers blocked the Blue Bus lane at Maryland just to park sand for sale. Je**s!

Now I thought long vehicle were restricted from 7am to 7pm in Lagos, whats happening?

Ow! I went all that way to cut my hair because My Barber is the best. 

So that's it, feel free to contribute below.

I am Fadaka Louis.


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