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My Thought on the movie "Blogger's Wife" (Review)

So I stumbled upon this movie "Blogger's Wife and I have something to say about it.

It's amazing how some married women will starve their husband for a year or two for undisclosed reasons and still claim right of rape when "konji" fails the man.

As much as there is a large discus of rape around the world, especially ones action-ed by men, fact still remains its not easy to rape. Its not a game waking up in the morning and saying you want to rape someone. No!

Well in this case, the movie, Tosin was totally wrong thinking she can manage a man who works day and night only thinking about work with her selfish feelings.

Young Ladies, please note this, the moment you get married to a man, both of you are one in love and in secret. Yes I am also aware that there are secrets or tales from the past that you would not like to discuss but I tell you it is very important to let him know all that will easily destroy the relationship.

Meanwhile, the production wasn't so perfect, I found it awkward watching a rape scene with both parties still putting on strong boxers. I also found it annoying that a lady deceived me of wanting to be naked only to see her wearing complete party-ready wear, where is the temptation? Finally, the scene opened with poor sound from every phone call "Mr Blogger" made, not cool! 


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