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Osun: "A Man have a right to say anything and whatever that may aid his ego" - Akintunde Bello Sheriff ABS

A Man have a right to say anything and whatever that may aid his ego but it is our collective responsibility to enlighten ourselves as a People so that we are not deceived till eternity. 

The Character of the Governor of my State is my focus in this attempt for all of us to try find out the possibility or otherwise of his claim. Aregbesola worn a bold face sometimes ago and inform the People of Osun State that he has no personal bank accounts. 

How possible for a State Governor in this 21st century not to operate an account with all the retinue of obligations that a family Man of Aregbesola's standing must ordinarily fulfill? 

How did he sponsor the education of his Wards with no bank account? 

Don't Mr Governor have a Family or Inlaw to take care? 

I have exempted his luxurious basic needs of life and that of the Wife of the Governor, the First Lady because they are both largely living their life at the detriment of the treasury. In order words, Mr Governor and his Wife are mandated because of our political culture in Nigeria to survive on the tax payers money, the coffers of Government. The Bible justify this when it said we shall reap from those who are in lack to feast the wealthy people. What a world! It is therefore contestable to allude that Aregbesola was sincere when he said he has no bank accounts. 

Going further, the Governor himself, not done yet, occupied the microphone recently to announce that he does not earn salary. What will a Governor in this clime need salary for?  

In about the last 8 years of his regime, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola have the uncommon opportunity to administer state money that is in the region of #1 Trillion. Yes #1 trillion is not outrageous when you factor normal monthly allocations for over 7 years sometimes as high as 4 to 5 Billion Naira monthly during oil boom era, refunds on projects executed by the immediate past government, Paris Club loan refund, sukuk loan, bonds and domestic loans including tax from VAT and other sources. So if a Man administers about #1 Trillion in thrust and trust, what does he need piece meal salary for? If the People will elect me as a Governor, I could also forfeit my official salary while they open the tap of humongous wealth for me to manage. The truth is that these super rich Governors and Politicians sir not place any premium on their "meagre" salary. They have other handsome headings that bring the huge doles for them. 

For a Governor that does not rent office, who do not have to build his own personal residence, who eat free nourishing food, and drive expensive cars, who fly first class airplanes for those who do not own aircraft, he does not fairly need any salary. All these are at their call and beckon effortlessly without paying a dime. Therefore the news of not receiving salary by Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola is not worthy of hallmark of fame and commendation. 

Finally I held orchestrated meeting with one of those managing the treasury records of the State today. A senior account careerist I must say who is at par with a Permanent Secretary, he confessed to me in the name of God that Aregbesola was earning as much as #400 to #500 million naira as security votes monthly. In fairness Mr Governor have reportedly drawing this heavy and excruciating amount when economic downturn began to hit hard before it eventually normalised reasonably. 

For a Governor who drew #500 million monthly security votes, it is nonsense to contemplate taking less than #3 million naira salary on monthly basis. 

Providence has smiled in favour of His Excellency, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola. But if his yam sprouts out well, he should cover it and stop portraying the People of Osun State as Fools.

Akintunde Bello Sheriff ABS

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