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Royalty! Read what Small Doctor wrote for his Mother - Mothers Day

It's still the season of mothers and celebrities have made it a competition on who does it best, the best write-ups for Mothers Day Celebration 2018.

Here is a beautiful piece from Nigerian Street Music Artiste, Small Doctor, to his mother, a.k.a "Iya Teacher".

@iam_smalldoctor -  I Ruined Your Multi Million Naira Business Out Of Negligence, I Was Out Of The House To Sleep Under Bridges (Due To Reasons Best Known To We Both), You Always Come To Check On Me At School, I Gave You Sleepless Nights, I Couldn’t Remember How Many Times You Beat And Cried Telling Me To Stop Hawking Sachet Waters / Conductor / Bike Rider That Your Friends Do See Me And They Make Jest Of You (But Man Must Chop), You Faced All The Challenges Alone, You Paid Our School Fees With Your Salary Leaving You With The Penny You Earn From Extra Coaching, Kai I Remember That Accident I Had On Bike 😢. I Gave You A Tough Time (I Know😢) .Happy Mothers Day Obinrin Bi  Okunrin (iya TEACHER❤️❤️❤️). I Know You Are Not The Type That Wants To Be Publicized But Your Account Will Apologize For This On My Behalf💯, How I See This Picture Sef I No Know And If My Aunty Gets To Show You This Cos I Know Say She No Fit See And Keep Quiet😂, I Just Want You To Know You Raised A CHAMPION💪🏿... Let’s Build More Schools💃🏿. Momma I Just Needed To Do This (Mi O Ni Se Be Mo🏃🏾)iyanu MASHELE SOONEST✍🏿✅ I OWE YOU TILL FADE✅✅✅ I Want To Give Birth To You As My DAUGHTER🙏🏿 HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. 

Comment if you love it below, also write something nice for your mother - dead or alive. 

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