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Inna lilLahi wa inna ilaiHi raji'un.
(From Allah alone we all came from, onto Him shall we all return).

My Father, Scholar, Mentor, Role Model & Associate; Late Khalifa and Khadimul Qur'an; Shiekh Isyaku Rabiu is gone forever.

While I thank all that continue pay tribute to Late Khalifa, once we condole and console his Family,  Friends and the entire people of Kano State for this irreplaceable loss.

Late Khalifa was a Billionaire yet he remained religious, humble, compassionate, charitable, trustworthy, steadfast, social, truthful among other qualities of a human perfection. I envy him as he lived an exemplary life. Indeed his life will eternally serve as lessons for me and hopefully for my generation and beyond.

My relationships with some of his children had certainly made me close to him where I learnt a lot about his lifetime struggles, achievements and values, some of which I apply today in my personal endeavours.

He has always seen and treated me as his very own son. He loved listening to me reciting the Holy Qur'an before him. To this end, I ask Allah SWT in His infinte mercy forgives Late Khalifa's misdeeds as well as accept and reward his good deeds. May Allah SWT forgive his trespasses and make Aljanna Al Firdaus his abode.

Lastly, to his family under the able leadership of Alhaji Abdussamad Rabiu (BUA Group), I pray Allah SWT grant you reward for being patient, caring , obedient and loving while Late Khalid was alive. Verily,  the reward of Allah awaits you.

Mallam Hamisu Magaji (
1) President, Hamisu Magaji Group of Companies
2) Founder / Sole Financier / President, Hamisu Magaji Foundation
3) Chairman, Kowa Party (Kano State)

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