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YABATECH: An Open Letter to the new Rector

  • The Rector,
    Yaba College of Technology,
    P.M.B 2011,
    Yaba, Lagos,

    Dear Sir,

    I write to congratulate you on your ascension to the position of rector of Yaba College of Technology, your alma mater. Let me inform you sir, that the affairs of Yaba College of Technology needs urgent and immediate attention. I was listening to Kubanji Direct, a radio programme on MAX FM 102.3 sometime last year, one of the discussant described how Yabatech used to be the pride of our nation and was every young chap first choice, but it is saddening to know that the opposite is now the case. Sir, it is easy to see the problems when you are not in government but when given the opportunity, it becomes a different ball game.

  • As an astute Engineer and a visionary leader, the shoe you have dip your legs into has come with lots of responsibilities and challenges.
    Sir, your appointment is a call to serve and a call to get the job done. You must redeem the glory of Yaba College of Technology, our great alma mater.
    Sir, permit me to highlight 7 things that needs urgent attention in the college.

  • 1. Bring Back our S.U.G - what led to the banning of the student Union Government in 2013 was an unfortunate incident and must be forgiven. The students Union Government is a playing ground for students to get involve in leadership position and that opportunity must not be taken away from them. The importance of the Student Union Government cannot be swept under the carpet. Must we say because the eye have sin, we should pluck it off?

  • 2. The state of our hostels, power supply, water supply, infrastructures etc. 
    Sir, I have never stayed in the hostel except for once, when I tried staying there during last semester exams. I must let you know that I wept. It is a known fact that our hostels are like mini dungeon not fit for human habitation, Mattresses of over 10years spiced with bedbugs, naked wires are at the disposal of students. The state of our hostels is nothing to write home about. For 3 days, during the last semester exams, the school was in total blackout, no light, and no water. From skeptics these can be interpreted that the lives of the students means nothing. Sir, there’s no way leaders can be raise in this type of environmental condition.

  • 3. Lift the ban of “No cooking in the hostel” Sir, a round table talk with the alumni president, Pastor Olufemi Martins and his entourage last year affirmed to us that in the 60s and 70s students enjoyed free food from the Federal Government, which I know you also enjoyed. But today opposite is the case. No food !No cooking in the hostel !Not forgetting that all students in Yabatech are from poor homes and the cost of feeding is high, danger of food poison etc. for examples they were records of food poison last session due to this ban. Sir, if things has gone wrong before, we must learn to manage it now.

  • 4. Fix the school calendar-sir, our school calendar is far behind schedule and must be fixed immediately. A two year programme has become three years programme. Sir, we want you to bring back the glory of your alma mater. It is my fervent belief that you can do it.

  • 5. Prompt payment of lecturers Allowances/claims- The holy bible said that thou shall eat from the fruit of your labour. Why must our lecturers work day and night without getting paid? Sir, as you assume office, I plead with you to pay claims and allowances of lecturers as when due.

  • 6. State of security- I must give kudos to our security personnel because they are doing their best but even the bulletin published by the ASUP last month emphasis that the state of security in the college is porous. Sir, the lives of students and lecturers in the college are important and should not be taken for granted.

  • 7. Support for extra-ordinary students- Sir, the wealth of talented students that lies in the four walls of our college cannot be underestimated. Most of them go out of the ways to always promote the good images of our college but never get the necessary encouragement. Sir, I wouldn’t want to sound bias, but I am a victim. Sometimes, it’s so discouraging but because of the value we carry and what lies in the future, we are determined to never get discourage by anyone.

  • Lastly Sir, I sing the praise of Yabatech everywhere I go but must we continue to sing the praise of Yabatech always. THE GREAT! THE GREAT! While our students are living like refuges. Must we continue to hail Yabatech as the first and still the best, while our students can’t get clean and constant water, regular power supply, conducive environment, good hostels, etc. Sir, students shouldn’t beg for this. It is what they should enjoy.

  • Finally sir, we will continue to fervently pray for you to succeed. Yabatech is our heritage. It is our collective treasure. Our desire is to see it come back to what it used to be. This is what over 15,000 students want. It is what the alumni want. It is what the staffs want. And the founding fathers, wherever they may be also desire it.

  • Our able rector sir, we know you can make Yaba College of Technology great again!
    Yours Faithfully,


Important Comments:
  • okereke_solobiYou were very precise about the basic issues that have been ignored for a very long time.....that's very brilliant of you, kudos. I pray something gets done as soon as possible.
  • rai.brownGod bless this person, I wrote my final papers in that college two months ago, reading under the street light and the light at the ATM machine, there was also no water, we bought water from mallam, in a supposed great citadel of learning. I pray the lost glory would be restored.

  • murtalabrownLovely write up and i appreciate the dude. I was a victim and i hate the fact that YabaTech students waited till they were being pushed to the wall. I hated the fact that YabaTech students can’t fight for their right, I hated the fact that in few days this same guy that took his time might ask to face panel and other students will still be receiving stupid lect. Yabatech is the worst environment have ever experienced. I hope this get to the new rector 💪

  • ekpo101Thumbs-up bro! I've always thought of this approach. Well, another interesting highlight is the "Duration of examination" 2weeks is usually too stressful especially for those with 15courses! Let's reconsider the 2weeks examination duration. Thanks

  • poshjay_Good one, I hope it gets to him

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