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Ambode At 55

Today is a day we are celebrating our Governor Mr Akinwunmi Dapo Ambode. He is fondly called the Governor General of Nigeria due to his immense contributions towards the development of Nigeria and Lagos in particular. I often call him peoples Governor.

For those that still dont believe in this man, its better for you to come and a take a tour so that you will see the infrastructural development that is emanating in all the 20 LGAs and 57 LCDAs, from the tour you will then deduce that our Governor is a leader that is worth celebrating.

Lagos under the leadership of our astute Governor is moving gradually from analogue to digital, the megacity mission of Ambode is near completion. He has set a record that cannot be broken easily by any forthcoming Governor.  He has ensured the 20 LGAs and 57 LCDAs benefit in one way or the other from his magnanimity and generosity.

He is an ambassador of modern democracy, most of the time before implementing any policy or initiating any project he love doing immense consultation with the idea of town hall meeting for each senatorial district. He also use the town hall meeting to create a viable plataform of intteraction between the people and the government so that there will be instant feedback.

Ambode has perfomed beyond lagosians expectations, this is a man naysayers taught he has nothing to offer, this is a leader they taught he cannot perform, but he has surprise them with his moves and steps that has given the state both national and international commendation.

Prior 2015 election among the contestant for the number one sit, he was so unpopular to the extent that prophet of doom taught he will not emerge but power of God was more superior than theirs. Now that we are approaching 2019 his unassailable performance have lift him high, Ambode bloc remain the strongest in Lagos for now.

Governor Ambode have initiated numerous policies that has better the lots of the populace, most of his patriotic policies have directly benefited the good people of Lagos. To some of us he is God sent, he is a leader that is worthy of commendation and celebration.

Since the creation of Lagos state no Governor surpass his achievement, we've never experience this kind of administration before, Ambode remain the best and most performed Governor till hitherto.

He invested so much in education sector, the budget for education have increased under his administration, for the first time in history a Governor gave 5 million and scholarship to any University of choice across the world to the recent best graduating Student of Lagos State University. Our modern Governor has constructed modern classes for both primary and secondary students making learning easy for them. We are supporting him based on his achievement so far.

I Am Comrade Giwa Murtala Omotola - Moore.

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