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Anambra North - Why the youth are behind

Historically, Anambra north is comprised of seven local government Areas which includes:
Anambra East
Anambra west
Onitsha north
Onitsha south &
Ogbaru L. G

However,  since the inception of Nigerians fourth Republic and the return of democratic rule in 1999,
Late Sen. Chuba Okadigbo from Oyi Local government was the first to benefit from the red chambers when he was elected into the seat in 1999 -2003.

After the regime of Okadigbo, Anambra East was the  next beneficiary when  senator Obi Anosike was elected in 2003  though his mandate was shared with sen. Joy Emodi   from  Onitaha as a result of judicial implications. This was followed by Sen. Ubanese from Nsugbe  in Anambra East L. G who lasted till 2011.

In 2011 Anambra north used the Senate seat as a condolence visit to the Okadigbo's family and elected his wife senator (Mrs) Magerry Okadigbo who lasted between 2011 to 2015 from Oyi L. G
In 2015,  in the same interest of zoning ,  Ogbaru local government Area was supported to represent the zone and it went in favour of Sen.(Mrs) Stella Oduah who is still in the Senate up till date. 

With the above facts, we now have as follows
1.late Senator Okadigbo ---from Oyi L. G
2.Senator Anosike -------------from Anambra East
3.senator Emodi ----------------from Onitsha
4.Senator Ubanese -------------from Anambra East
5.senator Margery Okadigbo---from Oyi L. g
Senator Oduah---------------------from Ogbaru L. G

Judging by the spirit of zoning,  justice,  equity and fairness Anambra west L. G  and Ayamelum  remains the two LGs yet to test the senatorial seat of Anambra north.

If this view is held,  in the interest of the same justice and fairness,  Anambra north should respect our zoning formula and support Prince Dr. Chinedu Emeka  for senate come 2019.

Unfortunately,  it is pertinent to note that women who are married to Anambra north and daughters of Anambra north who are married to other places were the ones dominating our senatorial seat,
for instance senator Mrs Joy Emodi is from Agulu in Anocha L.G but married to Onitsha meaning that her empowerment goes to Agulu with Anambra north resources. 

Sen. Stella Oduah is married to Edo state but from Ogbaru,  series of research conducted so far has shown that 90 percent of her empowerment goes to Edo state with Anambra north's collective resource. 

The same thing is applicable to sen. Margery Okadigbo which has remained a source of worry to the generality of Ndi Anambra North , and on several occasions these women have boasted that Anambra north lack men.

Interestingly, since 1999 till date no women have represented the good people of Anambra south to talk of women married to their zone. Anambra central is close by and since 1999 till date Sen.(Mrs)  Uche Ekwunife illegally jumped through the window in 2015 but was immediately removed by Sen. Victor Umeh after a year and few months. Except this,  the entire decades were occupied by men.

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