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Happy New Month from Gbetu Tv

Hey Guys! 

How was May for you?

Hope you improved in what you are doing.
Mine was positive, big ups to all my friends that take their time praying for and supporting me.

You know I had dream of becoming a Lawyer, that lawyer that will stress every judge he meets, I just see myself making the judge jump  off their seats and "bumi so" 
But now, it's on another dimension, journalism, people are always careful around me, while some are loud, they send me exclusive news, some want credit, some are shy, what's my own, if the news is not defaming, what's holding me?

Well, about this month and on, I will do my personal giveaway, I will name it after any *company* or *brand* that talks well and will like to be promoted.

But before then, the Face of Gbetu 2018 ( #FOG2010 ) is coming big and Gbetu's recharge card splash will be coming too. I encourage you all to participate with no fear as this will be my first ever. (I am not a stingy person, everything is God's time).

Finally, I say happy new month to you lovely lilies and borbos that believe, stick and sneak on the brand. God keep you.

Happy New Month!

Uncle Fadaka

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