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National Broadcast: By the Chairman, ASG-UB. 2nd June 2018.

Good morning, 
My dear Indefatigable Leaders of Atiku Support Groups - Umbrella Body.

It gives me pleasure to address you this morning,  it is very important in view of recent happening in our political activities,  to from time to time share views and discuss way forward.

You will all agree with me that,  the steam is gradually gathering momentum, as  we move closer to 2019 elections.

In house however,  quite a number of events have been scheduled to hold as earlier announced by the Director General of the Atiku Campaigns 2019. His Excellency,  Otunba Gbenga Daniel.  Expectedly,  we have huge roles to play in all of these. 

Therefore, in the build up to these engagements and many more,  a lot of things are beginning to unfold.   As one of you who have unflinching access to information and intelligence,  I shouldn't fail to let you know about certain things that may derail our efforts if we are not together,  careful and united.
1.  Our party the PDP have realised the formidability of the ASG-UB, and wanted us to be part of the party support groups.. This to me is a great development and encouraging,  but we are first and foremost ATIKUISTS, our  individual and collective efforts as  Atiku support group is getting to a level where we can not be ignored by  the Atiku's opposition both within and outside of the party,   our growing numbers and strength keep sending signals that 2019 is a reality and our Principal Atiku Abubakar is the best man for the job.

In the light of all these,  we are beginning to see all sorts of postings,  intruders,  impostors struggling to take the glory of our efforts, by creating and sending confusing post under all sorts of names.  Please note that these are  coming from within and outside Atiku campaigns.  I have been contacted by many of them asking how we are doing it in the ASG -UB.

I wish to advise that:
1. Any post that does not have my insignia should be ignored,  even if it has,  kindly get in touch with me for clarification.

2.  Please don't jump into sharing or reposting any piece of post until you verify the source.

3. All leaders must indicate their names position,  and group names in any post they make.

4.  Please advice our members accordingly to always clear from you before sharing or reposting any piece of post.

5. All posts from the Director General of our campaign,   Atiku Media Office,  campaign spokesman and ASG- UB will have the insignia to show the sources.

Finally,  the  Atiku Campaign Organisation will come on stream any moment from now,  as our DG will soon unfold the new direction and programme.  I am happy to say that he is a man with adequate capacity and experience to kead us to victory.   I urge us to be patient and continue to be responsible  as we are on the right path to victory. The moment we set out all the confusion will end. On my own I will continue to serve you,  protect our collective interest and carry you along.

Please ensure this broadcast get to our various members so they can be carried along,  that is one of the essence of this body and platform.

Atiku will get Nigeria working Again!

Oladimeji Fabiyi
Chairman,  ASG-UB

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