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Osun is bigger than Adeleke family to pocket.

Since Akin Ogunbiyi joined the race for Gubernatorial,  Dancing Demola has disappeared. Some said he travelled out for training while some said he ran away with his brother (Deji) because of fear.

The manner at which Ogunbiyi conducted himself clearly differentiate between a rich man who in intelligent and worked for his money and an acclaimed Rich man who solely depend on his elder brothers fortune without no imput.

Ogunbiyi has a mind of his own and the IQ to understand and translate every idea given to him unlike Demola Adeleke who can think to know what is right or wrong not to talk of understanding advices. You can't even advise or give hint to Demola, you will either do that to Dele (junior brother) or to Dupe (his elder sister) for clearance.

Osun people will prefer someone who don't even have money to give them on election day but has Intellectual ability to uplift the State than a Demola Adeleke who can't take a decision without his Deji and Dupe. 

Osun is bigger than Adeleke family to pocket.

by Man from Space

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"Please Senator Ademola Adeleke is symbol of winning in osun state and he is just an aspirant nobody promise him ticket please this type campaign is not good for opposition party, STOP IT"

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