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Our Wednesday Crush goes to Dark Skinned Nigerian Successful Women

Model: Yinka

Our Wednesday Crush this month goes to all the Dark Skinned Nigerian Successful Business Women who believe in self realization.

We stick with eight women who we have been monitoring and have not been let down by their success chart.

These women have seen then selves through tertiary institutions. They grow in business and slay in shape and beauty .

Meet the Right of them below.

Gbetu Eight Successful Black Business Women List. 

Frances Eli (Her Royal Majesty)
A student of the University of Lagos, first daughter, a model, a Crowned queen. She  loves singing, reading, dancing and whole lot of other.
Frances  pushes herself by smartly approaching strangers at major events and building key connections for her career. She believes in self-discovery.

Bidemi Abogun
The big and blood lady we call her. Shocks most of her followers with amazing photos and never fails to how black and beautiful she is. Africa!
Bidemi is into Fabric Business, she then uses herself to model for it. Self promotion sense that is very effective.

Florence Odunowo
With the rate at which make-up and beauty shop grows, coupled with fact that more people are checking themselves out Evey minutes, it is important that the servers - make-up artists like Florence improve daily. According to her, here are five major advice to every artists or wanna be artists.

Five Major Advice to Makeup Artists by Florence Odunowo 
1. Blending is key
2. Keep up with d latest
3. Start slow and add as u go
4. Know your shades
5. Always have a good attitude

Fasasi Olayinka
She is an all-round entrepreneur.
With the simple nickname "Aunty Yinmu", she has ventured into Clothing, Ushering, Freelance Publicity Manager and now she runs her own Charity Organization called the Soul Talks with Aunty Yinmu - an organization committed to catering for youths and children.

Abigail John
She is not particularly a makeup artist, model or anything thick in the fashion world but she slays it all.
Abigail is a pure business woman that represents Nigerian Black women in her daily routine.

Nana Hawa
Miss tiny and cute, always quick to take a quick selfie. Nana believes IPhone camera is better than Android camera. Lol! She is always ready to display her dark skin.

Yinka Olu-Collier
Starting her career from a tin layer, Yinka have excelled to becoming a production manager, welfare manager, a blogger and a major humanitarian activist. She recently started a foundation called the Yinka Olu-Collier Foundation - a group that focuses on Teenage Depression.

Chioma Cynthia (Mhiz Kwality) - 
She is a Facebook Savvy. Truth is, if you know, you know. She has learn to put aside life challenges and convert it to humor. There is always something in her mind, something to make you smile.

Thank you for Reading.


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