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PDP and APC members clash on PDP Whatsapp Group.

As the 2018 and 2019 election approaches, publicity which is the major key and way to access voters are being harnessed and most parties are doing well. 

But there is always a Judas in a Je**s group. One of such is this group created by fake PDP members called the Osun Nigeria Youth Project. 

Aim of the group is to bring the people of Osun together but it looks like a campaign for one party and the biggest mistake is having an APC member on it. 

This resulted in a long chat quarrel, a hate speech started by an obvious APC member....

Only bastard will vote for PDP

Read full argument below - 

P. S - Groups like this should not exist as it causes political confusion for party members and those who are not. Also, Nigerians should desist from hate speech as much as possible. 

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