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What about the students? 

If teachers are not motivated, schools will not be schools; we will motivate our teachers, we will train them and ensure that they are paid on time and exposed to international standards of doing things. 

We will have unified exams, our students will prepare for WAEC from SS2; we will know where they are lacking so that we prepare them to perform well in WAEC and other public examinations. 

Salaries will be paid on time, workers will be motivated, they will be promoted when they are due for promotion.

Those whose employment have not been regularised, we will regularise it. 

What about pensioners? I was trained by pensioners; my father retired in 1984 and I was not even in the university when he retired.

My elder siblings were in higher institutions, but if pensioners were not paid as and when due at that time, how would I be able to go to school? 

Pensions will be paid on time and workers’ welfare are given priority. Our workers deserve more than what they are getting at present. 

Equally, we will encourage small businesses’ in the western world, small businesses make those environments thick. We will encourage small businesses to thrive.

I'm Done! 

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