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Yabatech: Architectural Students denied by HOD while on Detention in Unilag.

Yabatech Architectural Students have allegedly beeb denied by their Head of Department while in detention at Unilag. 

The Architecture Students left Yabatech to Unilag to work on their project because of power supply and fact that that their studio get locked by 9pm daily. 

While on this, the security men of Unilag caught them, detained them for infringement, asked them to call their H.O.D in Yabatech, they did but to their greatest shock, were denied. 

The security men on seeing the issue, allowed them to continue after many hours of detention but the students were not about to let it go, they took to social media expressing the shame. 

They are also appealing to the Rector, Dean, HOD and all those concerned to restore their Studio, Light and Dignity.

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