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David’s Desk - Your legacy starts with you

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The Legacy of a man is directly proportional to the product of his Sons. Many humans suffer depression and pains at old age because Life has a way of displaying a replay of our youthful age only when we become old and then you realize how much you should have done but didn’t but now lack ability to correct left with only wishes of what we should have done differently.

The mind would always become very fresh and young with information and experiences even as we grow old but the body would lack ability to act.

Without controversy ability is and can only be fully applied in your youth. Take advantage of your youth and get involved in creating change or get a Degree at old age in narrating history instead of being part of history

Who you are is  planted in your youth and manifested at old age.

Get involved and Build history by planting Seeds of greatness.

Chukwudi Theophilus David

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