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- obey the resolutions of our founding fathers and elders.

The simple response to this matter is that the leaders of Oyi and Ayamelum have finally sat down to draw a draft agreement on tenure of leadership which is eight years after Hon. Africa.
Those creating problems should know that they cannot and are not qualified to determine the fate and relationship of Oyi and Ayamelum.

We have highly educated and time tested leaders filled with wisdom and knowledge. We have men that used the strength and wisdom of their youth to lead our people as one LGA before they worked for the creation of Ayamelum from Oyi.

These men worked for the development of Oyi and Ayamelum as a singular unit. They are still alive and healthy and they are our recognized and generally accepted leaders.

The ENEFE gang cannot sweep the sweat of these founding fathers under the carpet. They cannot take over leadership by force when these men are still very much alive and active.
Nigeria today still consults elders whenever critical decisions of national importance are to be made and taken.

So whoever that made money and has some to throw around to create a new line of leadership and stakeholders while our fathers and leaders are still alive should have a rethink because he will not get the support of the masses.

Such persons should not attempt to poison the brotherly relationship that exists between Oyi and Ayamelum as designed by God and left under the administration and guidance of our incorruptible elders. These elders must not be disrespected and discarded by new generation money bags. 

Oyi and Ayamelum can be likened to big brother and small brother that have learnt to exist for one another.
While growing up, the big brother takes more than the small brother without challenge or complaint.

But it gets to a time when the younger one comes off age to realize that the older one takes unfair portion and calls for a review. 
At this point, the fathers and elders come into the picture to balance things fairly. 
The older brother is still regarded as big brother and accorded every respect and entitlements while the young brother starts getting a fair share on the benefits of their relationship. Peace achieved.

Ayamelum where I come from recognizes Oyi as big brother in all ramifications. We have never had any issue as regards seniority and strength and we have always been accommodated and respected. There has been mutual understanding as brothers do.

God Bless our elders and their fatherly wisdom. They understand the importance of sacrifice to achieve a greater goal as important as peaceful coexistence between brothers.

We pray to also be here to guide the next generation on how things are done when the time comes. History has been made and in this year 2018 and must be sustained forever.

God bless the two brothers - Oyi and Ayamelum!

Nobody, no man or woman can destroy what binds us together as one indivisible people. Amen.

Chief Mike Nweke Okechukwu.
Ogene Ayamelum. 
Akaeze Igbakwu.
DG Media and Publicity Hon Gabriel Onyewife Reelection Campaign Organization. 
Secretary General Ayamelum Ambassadors.
Ezigbo Onye Omabala.

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