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Graphics Content: Another boy Kills Mother in Anambra over House Rent

While Nigerians are still trying to comprehend the live story of boy that killed his mother due to denial of noodles, another boy in same Anambra state have on Tuesday, 24th July, killed his mother over right to house rent collection.

This Tuesday incident happened in Okpuneze Uruagu, Nnewi North local government area of Anambra state.

An eye witnesses who narrated  the incident confirm  that the deceased, Mrs lkegwuonu   was preparing  her goods for the next market day when  the misunderstanding broke up between  she and her son Chinedu lkegwuonu, over who is the  rightful  person to collect house rent from tenants  living in their compound. The quarrel got so hot within few minutes that Chinedu had to behead his mother with a knife. Mrs. Ikegwunom bled to death.

At the time of this report, Chinedu lkegwuonu was still no where to be found.

Question on everyone's lips is how much is the house rent that's worth taking a old mothers life?

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