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1. The moment you post something on a social media page (Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc), you lose control over it.

2. As long as you post it, you are fully responsible for the content of everything you post, even if you forwarded it from someone else. There is nothing like "I just posted as received from somewhere."

3. Due to #2 above, it is important you verify both content and source of whatever information you have before posting.

4. Be ready to answer every question relating to every post you send. Don't post it if you can't answer for it.

5. Note that not everything posted on social media is true.

A picture/video may be totally unrelated to the text accompanying it.

6. People have various agenda and motives for posting stuff on social media. Be careful you do not propagate someone else's evil agenda.

7. It may cost you your reputation, respect, friendships or even your life when you broadcast, propagate or disseminate news, stories, reports or jokes that you may not have verified, proven, confirmed or censored.

8. When you fail in #7 above, it may be difficult to regain your reputation.

9. Some posts are outdated and have been circulating for a year or more before you got it.

10. Just Google the subject matter before you share and you will often find a disclaimer.

11. Your posts are seen as a reflection of personality.

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