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Karate: Kyokushinkai Technical Seminar, in Conjunction with Supreme Karate Academy

The Kyokushinkai Seminar, held in Conjunction with the Supreme Karate Academy, on the 14th of July, at the lndoor Sport Hall, National Stadium Surulere, Lagos, came to end with encouraging attendance of 11States, 4 Clubs, and 4 Associations.

State, Dojos/Clubs and Associations in attendance are as follows:

1. Lagos. State
2. Oyo.        "
3. Ogun.      "
4. Kwara.     "
5. Nasarawa  "
6. FCT Abuja
7. Plateau.     "
8. Bauchi.       "
9. Anabra.       "
10. Delta.        "
11. Crops Rivers  "

Dojos/Clubs and Academies
1. Ejim Martial Art
2. New Arrival Shotokan Club.
3. Zabac Martial Academy
4. Supreme Shotokan International Karate Academy.

Associations in Attendance
1. Nigerian Karate Association (NKA).
2. Nigerian Association of Shotokan Karate.(NASK).
3. Nigerian Ikido Association (NIA).
4. Tong le mondu Assocition of Nigeria (TMAN)


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