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Killing Kemi Adeosun

I am negotiating for a country where I can travel to and never return again, reason being that there are more idiots in Nigeria than there are ordinary or normal human beings.

At the speed through which Kemi's alleged NYSC certificate forgery is presently trending speaks volume about how mischievous and gullible the public can be just at once. Why do Nigerians prefer negative news and feedbacks than progress and truth? Are Nigerians by nature evil? Is there anything naturally wrong with the position of Nigeria in the world map? What is the relationship between Nigerians and falsehood? How many kilometers is hell fire to Nigeria? Can any good thing come from Nigeria? Why Nigerians prefer lies than honesty?

Before you kill aunt Kemi, listen to me, Kemi the Nigerian finance Minister is a lady I know in and out, she was born, raised and schooled in London. At 41, Kemi was appointed by her state Governor in Nigeria as commissioner for finance, to enable Kemi work in Nigeria she obtained her NYSC exemption certificate. These are few questions you need to answer before you kill aunt Kemi, can Kemi be enrolled for national service at the age of 41? Is aunt Kemi in possession of NYSC exemption certificate?

Aunt Kemi is now 51 years old, she is a Nigerian citizen born in Britain, she is serving under president Buhari as finance Minister. 

The following are the Genesis of aunt Kemi's ordeals, "during the federal government executive council's meeting, I requested as the finance Minister the comprehensive details of expenditure by every ministry, though with the NNPC as my core target", can you now see it? Corruption is fighting back in Nigeria, the above was the sin of aunt Kemi, the criminals who are the targets of aunt Kemi suddenly remembered that Kemi was trained in London and came into the country for the first time at age of 41. Nigerians are yet to forgive Dele Ali for switching his citizenship and service to England and the English national team. Nigerian criminals would have celebrated aunt Kemi had she been the Queen's general accountant and auditor, aunt Kemi's sin is simply working with rogues.

Now the Premium Time that carried aunt Kemi's alleged NYSC certificate forgery shows how backward Nigeria is in media and reportage, some times I perceive Nigerian dailies and broadcasting networks as mere gossip mills. Unverified reports are daily been dished to the illiterate and gullible Nigerian population, the worst is that most Nigerian journalists are mere political contractors and even worst than social media propagandists. 

We have a long way to go as a nation, if we can no longer trust our news papers and broadways then we are in for a centuries problem, thank you and God bless you before you kill aunt Kemi.

I am, Justice N. Okoro.

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