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Lagos Accident: Truck collapse at Agric Bus-Stop - 4 Casualties counted.

A truck carrying woods collapsed around 12pm on Wednesday at Agric bus-stop, Lagos, leaving four casualties.

According to eyewitness report, the accident was caused by a White Tata Bus. The bus stopped all of a sudden beside the Blue Bus park to pick commuters, unaware that a huge truck carrying woods was behind, due to it sudden stop, the driver of the truck tried making a sharp turn to avoid accident but forget to notice a yellow bus by its left. Due to the trucks weight and such turn, it fell on the yellow bus leaving four casualties.

The Tata Bus sped off immediately, with no chase.

"The police people there are not offering any form of help. One was holding his phone up like he wants to snap or make a video.  3 LSNS men came to the scene strolling like they were on a parade. The white Tata bus sped off quickly. The "Agberos" and lastma didn't stop them."

Accusation have been placed on the officers handling the Agric Bus-Stop area, saying they are lenient due to bribery.

Those drivers (of Tata buses) bribe them to condone their bad behavior and driving.

Emergency number never went through. 

One was bruises others where major head injuries

The white bus was packed almost taking half of the road carrying passengers for standing, despite being over full already. 

Watch Video below:

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