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South Africa: SHABZI MADALLION & NICKI WALKER - SOUL'D OUT [EP] @ShabZiMadallion @NickiWvlker

Artiste: ShabZi Madallion & Nicki Walker
EP/Album: Soul'd Out
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Composition in Music: Nicholas Mills
Composition in Lyrics: Leshabe M Rampedi
Vocals mixed by: ShabZi Madallion
Visual Art Direction, Final Mix & Master by: Nicholas Mills
Label: Vent Media
Country: South Africa

As expected ShabZi Madallion has released a third full length project following his "For The People" EP and "Things I Should've Said Last Year" mixtape. This project titled "Soul'd Out" is a joint project with Nicki Walker (handling the production).

The two call up guest vocals from Shawn Matthews and a co-production credit from Beats by Blass. The project might seem like it borrows from ShabZi's debut SOUL as it shares a mood and cohesiveness shown on the cult favourite but it is a whole different journey to what SOUL was.

The project was titled by Nicki Walker and speaks to the journey of being a genuine soul in a world where one struggles to evolve because of the things a human has to do to survive whenever obstacles arise.

This is another one of those easily digestible projects we have come to expect from the Pretoria native, clean and to the point.

Get it all here.

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