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""Fellow Compatriots,
Gentlemen of the Press,
Distinguished Citizens of Osun State.

I welcome you all to this special Press conference, which became necessary at this critical stage of the process of disengagement of Ogbeni Aregbesolas administration in Osun State.


The major thrust of this press conference is to alert the public about Aregbesolas latest scheme to ensure that Osun State remain indebted to him and his cronies even after leaving office, for at least a period of fifteen years, now that it is clear to him that his party has lost the 22nd September, 2018 Governorship election.  This disingenious scheme was embedded in a fake Contract document titled the “Award of Contract for Dualization of Ereja Square-Imo-Ilesa-Akure Expressway, Rehabilitation of Ereja Square with spur-Irojo-Ilesa/Akure Expressway, Majestic uplift and Redefinition of Ilesa City Centre and Rehabilitation / Reconstruction of Akoda-Ede-Ara-Ejigbo, Iwo-Osogbo (Testing Ground) Kelebe-Iragbiji road” at the sum of #14.4 Billion.

THE Contract was made in the name of Slavaborgu Nigeria Ltd, a bogus company whose office is located in the same premises with Slava Yeditteppe Nig. Ltd ,another bogus entity belonging to Aregbesola’s God fathers in Lagos with joint offices in Victoria Island Lagos.

The office of the Accountant General was immediately directed to issue an (ISPO) (Irrevocable Standing Payment Order) in favour of this bogus company under which arrangement, monies due to Osun State Government from the Federation Account is subjected as first line charge, to monthly deduction at source of #337 million Naira payable to the owners of Slava Borgu Nig Ltd for the next fifteen years. 

(An illegal personal pension scheme for Ogbeni and his cronies!) Deductions from  Allocations which could have been used to pay hungry teachers, Osun Civil Servants and pensioners arrears of salaries.

Over the years, we have been concerned with Ogbenis various schemes, designs and strategems for siphoning from the Osun State Government coffers monies and assets which lawfully belong to our people. 

You are already familiar with some of these fraudulent devices in the guise of loans and advances funnelled into private accounts in Lagos and elsewhere such as :
1. #30 Billion bond loan repayable 2019.
2. #11.4 Billion Sukuk payable in 2020.
3. #88 Billion Commercial loan payable in 2034
4. #35 Billion Bailout  payable 2035
5. #49 Billion Islamic Bank loan payable in 2042
6. #17.9 Billion from Infrastructural Bank on Osogbo-Ikirun-Kwara boundary.
7. #5 Billion for unspecified projects. Etc etc.
8. #8.4 Billion Opon Imo.

Of course there are several other questionable loans details of which are still been secretly guided in Government which at the opportuned time shall be disclosed to the public. Not minding the Billions also misappropriated under the O this, O that and O everything else.

There are already equally devious plans  been perfected by this outgoing administration to sink the state deeper into a morass of debilitating debts, through outright falsification of contract documents in the guise of “Variation” over projects that had not only been completed but already commissioned years back more.

A case in point is the Osogbo Grammar School Buildings Commissioned by  President Buhari himself on 25th August 2016. Aregbesolas administration prepared ‘Variation’ paper in the sum of #1 Billion Naira on 20/12/2017 in the name of Slava Yedittepe Nigeria Ltd. The same set of dubious post contract ‘Variations’ were generated over Iwo and Ilesa School projects in the same amount. A third in the series is the Variation of #1 Billion paid to the same Slava Yeditteppe Nig. Ltd again only last December, 2017 from the last tranche of Paris loan refund meant for payment of staff salary and arrears.

Even as we speak, Aregbesolas Government has started preparing post contract ‘Variation reports’ on all projects executed by it for the past eight years. Osogbo Stadium Project of the Oyinlola administration drew a Variation of #500 million just last week! This August 2018! All these are just tips of the icebergs. Necessary machinery have already been set in motion to apprise relevant anti corruption agencies over all these.

Earlier, the administration had prepared and perfected contract papers for the construction of four Trailer Parks at the sum of #4.666.788.790 in October 2013 at Ikirun, Egbedi, Osunjela and Oloki which contract was awarded to Track solution Ltd, of Jericho GRA Ibadan. None of these parks had been constructed till date, five years after award and payment. We call on the respective communities where these fake projects were said to have been sited to challenge the Government and its cronies over this dubious scheme anytime they come requesting for your votes in support of their continuity agenda.

It is against this background that the struggle and contest for continuity by the APC and its offshoot in the ADP is situated and should be understood by all. 

The  Continuity struggle is for Ogbeni and his successor cronies to gain government again to cover up these manifest frauds, and for another eight years to continue plundering our state resources to enrich and develop themselves and Masters while our workers and pensioners continue to suffer for unpaid salaries and pensions, while millions of our youths remain unemployed, while our Artisans and Contractors would not have jobs to do. While marketmen and women cannot find buyers for their stuff anymore. While all roads leading to Osun State including that of Ilesa, Ife, Iwo, Ikirun, Osogbo, Orolu, Ila remain unpassable and in deplorable state that they all are.

Gentlemen, my fellow compatriots, you all can now see why all hands must be on deck for us to salvage and rescue our dear state from the hands of these mindless economic vampires. I mean all good hands. 

This struggle should be beyond money bag politics and business as usual.

All those who participated in the ignoble regime at the highest level are being called upon to say what they know now about this fraudulent scheme so as to assist the struggle in salvaging whatever is left. The Buhari Administration and its Finance Minister are hereby called upon to disallow this latest deduction of #337 million naira monthly from Osun State coffers into the account of any bogus company.

Let us also appeal to Governor Aregbesola to forgive Osun State citizens, if Osun State people have offended him.

Let us urge all well meaning Osun indigenes, all Obas, Ijoyes,  Alfas, Imams and Christian religious leaders to help appeal to the Governor for mercy. This impoverishment and suffering of the masses of our people is just too much. The damage and disaster he has unleashed on our polity and Osun economy are immeasurable. 

We cannot continue to remain as slaves in our fatherland. Our children and grand children will not forgive us if we fail to take necessary steps NOW by ensuring that these Vampires and their Agents leave our state for us without any strings attached, by voting them out come 22 September, 2018. This is our resolve. I therefore call on all genuine lovers of Osun State regardless of party divides and inclinations to also join hands with me in this crusade to salvage and rescue Osun State for the sake of posterity.

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