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“Circumstances of Life” - Based on a true life story (Non fiction) of a Yabatech Student

Circumstances of Life 

...a true life story by Damilola Yusuf  Noimot

Today was Wednesday and the day of Eid-el-fitri for the Muslims. Amirat and her Parents celebrated it with friends and family.

Amirat was a girl full of big dreams and always striving to succeed. When Amirat finished her Secondary school she attempted every examination to gain admission into a higher institution but all to no avail.

Some weeks later, Amirat was told about a diploma programme in University Of Lagos. She went in pursue of it but the programme didn’t work out because she wasn’t financially buoyant. Amirat thought of how to save some money then she went in search of a job and got a job as an Office Assistant but the pay wasn’t much.

After three months, Amirat started working with a company, the owner of the company called an urgent meeting with the staffs, and the theme of the meeting was to inform the staffs about his relocation to Ibadan and so he will sell out the company and he said, “I am not sacking anyone, I just want to relocate to Ibadan. Anyone that can relocate to Ibadan would be re-employed in his company there”. Immediately the meeting ended, Amirat stood up, went outside and started crying that where would she start from.

Later in the day, Amirat got home and told her parents. Amirat’s parents were Muslims also very religious so they had to console and pray for her.

After sometimes, Amirat met a guy. They really loved each other, at some point the guy had  serious problem. Problem that actually involved his life, in other to help Amirat kept asking her friends if anyone of them knew a truthful spiritual person. One of her friends later directed her to a man, her friend told her that the man used to be her sister’s pastor. Amirat went to the man and discussed the boyfriend’s issue with the man so the man prayed about it and said,”Lady your boyfriend isn’t your future husband and if later you should marry, it will be to a married man”. Immediately Amirat heard the last sentence, she rejected it. When the man realized how serious Amirat was, he told her to bring some money in other to prepare some spiritual soap for her, that will avert every bad deeds that might occur to her boyfriend.

Amirat didn’t have up to the amount the man asked for but pleaded with the man to collect the money with her, the man accepted it. She thanked the man and stood up to take her leave and the man asked her to wait, he brought out a Liquid substance saying Amirat should drink the substance before going to bed at night.

As Amirat took the Liquid substance, she wasn’t herself, she started misbehaving towards everyone around her including her boyfriend and parents. Amirat ‘s boyfriend tried so much to see Amirat to get back to her but all efforts didn’t work out so her boyfriend moved on.

One faithful day, Amirat packed her belongings and went to the spiritual man’s house. Her parents was left devastated and they knew it was abnormal of her to pack all her things without letting anyone know where she was going to, though they believed she will come back to them safely.

At the long-run, Amirat gave birth to a baby boy for the spiritual man and he was maltreating her until one morning Amirat came back to her normal self, asking herself where she was. Amirat took the baby and headed to her parents house.

Amirat’s parent was surprised to see their daughter not only because she came back but the baby she was carrying. They accepted her with her baby and thank God she was back to her normal self.

Two years later, Amirat met her own man who is God-fearing, sensible, educated and rich and he accepted Amirat for who she was.
There is no magic anywhere, the only magic that exists is “prayer”. We shouldn’t make attempt to look for an immediate miracle or magic which doesn’t exist if only we can prove our believe and trust we think we have in God by praying to him and putting all our trust in him also. As the saying goes, “prayer is the key “, but DamDam would say,” Prayer is the right answer to any question and the cure to any illness.”. If only Amirat could have confided with her parents and pray to God to avert any evil deeds that might wanted to occur to her boyfriend then maybe she wouldn’t have met the so called spiritual man. 

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