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CPC members and officials in Changshan County, Zhejiang takes lead in promoting Chinese Weddings

The Communist Party of China (CPC) members and officials in Zhejiang, have been called on to take the lead in promoting Chinese-style #weddings, including adding more traditional cultural songs from the county.

According to a recent eight-point guideline in social practice, the local Party members and officials have been asked to pledge promotions of culture in wedding and funerals, including a ban on expensive wedding gifts and luxury car fleets, and encouraging the people to host Chinese-style weddings at local cultural venues. Local traditional cultural practices, such as Changshan folk singing, are also encouraged since it is an important part of Changshan culture, which is often done at celebrations. The folk songs are also a national intangible cultural heritage.

The guideline also bans birthday parties for local Party members and officials under 60, and forbids any kind of superstition practices at funerals.

It also suggests mourning with flowers instead of paper money and firecrackers.

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