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Unemployment: Charles Ifayin calls for Skills Development amongst Nigerian Youths on ABS Television

Speaking during a live television program tagged 'Nsogbu Ndị Ntorobịa' on the ABS Television, Comrade Charles Ifeanyi Obi, President of Anambra Arise Group raised alarm on the increasing number of unemployed youths in Nigeria.

Comrade Charles Ifayin went futher, calling on Nigerian Youths to embrace skills development to avoid total catastrophe.

Comrade Charles advocates for skill development amongst the youth and agriculture as alternative to lack of employment. He also called for patient and consistency in the actualization of set goals other than the impatience and drive for fast and easy lane to wealth.

He also noted that the decreasing patriotism amongst the youth for made in Nigeria product could be as a result of no government impact in the youth as it were in the past, thereby calling on the government to reintroduce education support initiatives and gratifying empowerment /skill acquisition schemes for the youth.

Ahead of the 2019 general elections, Charles urged youths not to trade the opportunity for a token but to participate actively in electing youth friendly leaders that guarantees improved welfare and job creation for the youth.

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