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UNIBEN Hostel Saga: Management sweeping Illegal Occupants.

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Its no longer news thet the University of Benin management have vowed not to rest until every illegal occupants in all the various halls of residence are kicked out. This issues became serious at the beginning of Second semester and even more serious now despite the fact that the section is almost ended.

After the change of a new Dean, Students Affairs, everyone thought the issue will subside but the contrary is result as he has increased the pressure by ensuring total compliance.

A visit to hall 3 shows that students are not even allowed to go out without hostel card talk of coming in. Hall 1 and 2 are equally not left out as our Ladies where seen hanging around the entrance begging to be allowed in.  NDDC and others are equally members of this stress.

Hall 4 which happened to be the biggest hostel in the Univerity seems to be the head quarters of this saga as Unity1 A and Unity 3 has been under lock and keys since this semester and now even unity 2A is about to be locked as all illegal occupants  have been asked to evacuate the hostel putting everyone into pandemonium.

Now the question is, "Where should the squatters (illegal occupants) go now?"

In a quick interview assisted by UNIBEN Voice, with SUG Welfare aspirant, Patric Chris Ogbu, also known as OPC, on the issue at hand, he says "My brother aaaah the thing tire me oh, the issue now is that the section is almost ended and we are preparing for our exams and now this. How are we going to cope trying to read for exam and also thinking of where to stay?
I and some persons have been meeting with the Dean of student but his response has been my hands are tied, it's management discission not my and am to ensure it implementation. While the talk is still ongoing I adjure everyone to stay calm and maintain order.

"BUT! one thing is sure", he continues,  "If UNIBEN Students gives me there WELFARE mandate in this forth coming SUG Election. This ugly situation will never again repeat itself next section as I've drafted out plans to make hostel issues a thing of the past in UNIBEN. So I urge all to tell their friends that PATRICK CHRIS OGBU aka OPC should be given a chance". Don't forget ur WELFARE is still my passion.".

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