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Civil Servants beg Ifayin Ubah to settle them.

A Civil Servant in Anambra have taken time to write, begging on behalf of others for Ifayin Ubah to settle them.

Read below:

Ifeanyi Ubah pay us our salaries

I've read with keen interest the aspirations of Ifeanyi Ubah for Senate and I want to warn sternly that we should not dine with the devil.

Amongst us the staff of capital oil and gas situated here in Lagos, we have seen hell. 24 months down the line there has been no payment whatsoever. More heartbreaking is the fact that we have never been called or addressed as the situation of what is happening to ascertain our next step.

During the World Cup, Ifeanyi Ubah took over 50 persons to Russia while we groan here. Most of us have been thrown out of our houses due to inability to pay our rent, yet, he takes people to Russia at what end.

We are on a basis of hand to mouth even school fees we can no longer afford, hence, our children have been sent out of school.

Please let Ifeanyi Ubah be aware that our cries to the Lord will not be in vain.

More so, to our surprise, he announced the building of Ifeanyi Ubah University..... Haba!!!!!  When will are still here gnawing our teeth with suffering bestowed on us by Ifeanyi Ubah.

Ifeanyi Ubah, come and settle us.


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