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Commentary on Ambode's attitude towards people and his long term quarrel with K1

There are some videos going round about K1 making fun of Gov. Ambode...

Do i support K1's action?

But, lets look at it from from this angle.

Many people are angry with Gov. Ambode because he did not do the right thing by not giving them what I believe is their right. Am talking about the party members now. Because, he did not become the Governor by himself. It was the party that worked extremely hard to make sure he became the Governor.

The election was so tight to the extent that APC almost lost Lagos because he won with the lowest margin ever in APC governorship race in Lagos.

Even in America, once you use the party structure to get into office, it's normal to take very good care of the party members.

K1's situation is a bit different because he has to spend his money first on the campaign before gets paid later.

Its almost four years now and still counting. He would call the Governor severely even go to his office so many times yet the Governor won't even see him not to talk of discussing his money.

In the midst of all this, K1 lost his precious daughter Wasilat.

Now, let me tell you something about Yoruba tradition.

No matter what's the problem between you and someone, once that person is bereaved, that is the end of everything.
Reset button has to be set.

Could you believe that during the period K1 was mourning his daughter's death till today, Gov Ambode is yet sent him a text to condole with him not to talk of calling based on all his efforts to get him to power.

Haba!! Ki lo le toyen...

Well  Egbon let me add something of importance and what pains me most .....  The LASTMA GUY that was murdered in cold blood at APAPA during active duty , Oga Ambos did not pay a condolence visit , even after shouting myself hoarse , Hadiza Usman MD of NPA went to pay condolence visit to the family , even BRF came to Lagos and went to pay condolence visit and did his little  and specifically requested that THE PRESS should not carry it ......  anyway i know  it is hard ...... but then ......... so many Business men went aground because of his attitudes ..... the only thing Oga Ambos has is his infectious smiles  and which he has been using to enslave Foluke Martins.. till then .. when i am set ... I think the office alienate him from good people.

Bolaji Basia

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