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Commentary on #OsunDecides2018 : Osun Arise Against Political Genocide To Your Will

Whatever will kill a nation from outside will first start to kill the nation from inside and it will begin from within institutions that must not be an appendage of the ruling class.

If INEC, a neural umpire will rob the people's will in broad daylight and return the results of the September 22nd 2018 Governorship Election as inconclusive despite winning 20 Local Government Areas in favor of PDP then tyranny has unmasked itself full-blown

Obviously the independence of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is dependent to certain quotas and without doubt that drivers of our institutions lack credibility, integrity and patriotism

This CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER is not just a threat to the outcome of rerun on Thursday but in my opinion the Genesis of the revelation of what is to come in the 2019 General Elections

With over 20,000 uniform officers deployed to compliment the already existing forcemen in Osun, the citizen refused to be intimidated and voted against lack of 2 years salary payment, development, and increased debt burden on the State

The outcome is simply an avalanche of political malady to electoral process. The courts must rise up to the Ocassion in its supremacy to fight this growing cancer eating up our hard earned democracy.

The highest form of treason is not an infringement against authority but infringement against the rights and the will of the people. OsunDecideThisThursday - 1,600VotesNeeded

I'm Dr. DCharima
Resource Analyst & Speaker

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