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TIME TIME TIME gives CHANCES - CHANCES that can never be taken back because each seconds can't be called back.

We WELCOME TIME each day a new born baby arrives into the world, We LIVE with TIME each day we stay on earth, We say GOODBYE to time each day we lost someone. This happens because TIME is attached with every individuals that can feel every beats of their hearts.

TIME brings laughter, love, sadness, tears, hatred, enjoyment, comfortability, pain, gain and all sort of human feelings because TIME itself CONTROLS every seconds, minutes, hours and days of our lives.

TIME is in us, TIME moves with us, TIME also dies with us. 

As human, animals, plants. We all have our DEFINITE and DIFFERENT TIME to spend on  earth. 

Like I said earlier, "TIME gives us CHANCES", but we determine how these CHANCES can be used.

They say, " TIME waits for nobody". This saying should and only be used when pursuing something beneficiary but DamDam would say, "TIME is one important CHANCE gifted to us by GOD that we SHOULDN'T play too much with, laugh too much with, cry too much with, party too much with, but to be used WISELY and not too FUSSY".


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