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EKUSITES complain on SMART SCHOOL, says its a threat.

Students of the Ekiti State University (EKSU) have laid out complain on the SMART SCHOOL service imposed on them by their management.

According to a message circulating, the Smart School service is regarded as a threat and super imposition on the students.

The students are required to pay the sum of N1,500 every semester for the service but ironically end up not using it, a good number don't even understand it.

Read full text below: 

"Solidarity greetings to you in the name of Aluta the mother of all Struggle.
And of the greatest, dynamic and ever reasonable EKSUITES!!!

It is obvious that, our Fundamental right has been trampled upon as a Nigerian Students and we are been mandated to pay for the Services (SMART SCHOOL) we didn't use or enjoy.

SMART SCHOOL  is a threat and super imposition on Nigerian Students.

The questions we EKSUITES are asking are:
Why must we pay #1,500 for the previous semester we didn't use?
Why should IT Students that are not in School and won't enjoy, pay for Smart School ?
Why should Smart School be a prerequisite for Registration after paying School fees and other mandatory dues ?

We therefore, beseech the caretaker committee to give Nigerian students an answer within a week."

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