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Hunt for Fame leads Bervely Osu to disrespecting Christianity

The hunt for unnecessary fame by Nigeria actress and former Big Brother Naija house mate have left her defiling the most revered dress codes of the Roman Catholic.

This single act have raised brows in Nigeria, therefore leading to immediate trash by Christians, though some have hailed it as heroic.

I see nothing wrong with that Beverly Osu's shoot..
I love it even.
Portrays how highly hypocritical religious people are.
Don't get why people are in their feelings over it.
You can insult her all you want tho.
Won't change how true her message is. Smh

The photos which shows Bervely wearing a complete nun wear in a sluty way (showing legs up to her hips), rosary on hand and a stick of lighted cigarette, are for the cover of Taylor Live Magazine latest issue, titled "Secret by Bervely Osu" (Confession).

More people are coming for her but on same note, some are calling for a group for Christians in Nigeria that will serve as same group that fought to take down "This is Nigeria" by Falz for the display of Hijab wearing girls dancing Shakushaku.

Here are few comments from angry tweeters:

Y’all should guarder here.. there’s a difference between
What Beverly Osu did was wrong and disrespectful.
What Beverly Osu did was wrong and disrespectful. And she will be going to HELL for it.
The first is an observation or fact
The other is Judging.

Although people have abused sacred materials a lot including Rosaries.
But what Beverly Osu did in this shoot is outrageously disgusting.
Smoking in a seductive nun attire wit Rosary at hand?
Rosary is meant 4 prayers, Christian wont come after u tho but leave u to ur conscience

 I am Catholic and i dare say that this is the Height of STUPIDITY coming from Beverly Osu.
It's a slight on what the Nuns Habit and essentially Catholicism stand for.
Why such Blatant disrespect for something that religious.
I mean why so STUPID? 

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