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APC Ikoyi Obalende suggests better way of presenting aspirants to members.

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The All Progressive Congress, Obalende chapter have suggested a better way of presenting aspirants to members before Primary election.

The APC-Excos are asking for a pre-primary election platform where candidates can fight by lips, properly outline what they will do and prove they know the people they will be representing properly.

Though this idea is still under voting but many of its members are nodding to it 'cos it is highly democratic.

Having a representative who cannot speak for his or her people but can easily start a fight, go on convoy, collect his or her salary and so on can no longer be accepted. This is why the Excos wants to start with the closest - candidates going for State House of Assembly.

This also in sync with the direct-primary newly adopted by the APC National Working Committee.

The candidates will have to, after ticket purchase, debate their way to the people's heart before he or she can be voted to represent them. Failure to achieve this basic will means a good percentage rate of failure before the primaries.

Winner of the debate will show who is more articulate  and this will help the APC members decide who best to vote for in the primary election.

Question now is, will this be stamped into the APC law and hopefully roperly into the Nigerian law?

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