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OPEN LETTER TO SENATOR IYIOLA OMISORE - "You all sold the entire Osun into the hand of Lagos Osun politicians."


It is with grave heart that I write this letter as your stalwart supporter who had continued to pitch political tent with you since the dispensation of the Alliance for democracy (AD) hitherto, we regret that the virtues we found in you which compels and drives our urge to keep solidarizing with you on every election shouldn't be adulterated on the alter of empty promises which is egocentric, you have been a leader to the Ife legion, this, which wasn't freely given but which earned with a great deal of selfless effort, sacrifices and your contribution to the Ife Communals.

Your decision in the just concluded election to pledge stalwartness with the administration you condemned to be financially reckless spoke well of your disposition to trade osun on the alter of gold, a sane mind would not wonder why you pitched tent with the broom in the face of luxurious promises.

With all promises made by the APC stakeholders who visited him in his abode few days ago all this changes his mind to sell Osun state to the hand of the slave master coming from Lagos to rule over Osun people.

OMISORE remember many people voted for you all because they see the readiness for Osun task in you but at last you make them to regret there action on the day there franchise is been exercise, instead of you to support your brother who is the deputy to the PDP but because of your act of selfishness you denied him. History will never forget your action in Osun state.

 Mind you the APC are not ready to fulfill all promises been made to you, you are selling many destiny to be enslaved by the APC, Ife people see our son which we believe in him.

APC almost send you to jail with all series of allegation that you killed BOLA IGE now it crystal clear that you did, with the embezzlements allegation now it shows clearly that you embezzle the public money. History will never forget all your evil act all because of your selfish interest.

To the people of WEST you have to wait for another 12 years before you can agitate for WEST agenda again all because you never believe in yourselves, there should not have be any vote for the APC from WEST but you sold your birth rite because of money stay tune for another years of punishment, surely OYETOLA will punish you for not supporting him fully. 

You all sold the entire Osun into the hand of Lagos Osun politicians. Here I drop my pen thank


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