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Dear Boss, with a heavy heart I write to tell you that I'm disappointed in your recent political move to team up with our persecutors in order to extend our days of suffering in the wilderness. Without telling me, I know how you have been subjected to torture in the hands of the same party/people. I know how your name has been maligned to pave way for their political aggrandizement. In 2012, I witnessed how the pictures of your symbolic cap and glasses were used to denote violence in Osun State. I was a witness of several name callings at different campaign grounds. I witnessed several annihilation suffered by your followers and your wards. Oh, have you forgotten the travail of your brother and how he was humiliated out of Osun State Polytechnic Service? Have you forgotten how your name recurs each time the death of Uncle Bola Ige is being discussed? 

I supported you with all I had thinking you were maltreated by the PDP. I stood my ground because I felt the APC maltreated the people of Osun and my interest was reinforced by your brilliant performance at the governorship debate. I saw how you schooled all of us on budgeting. All the time I had canvassed for you, my friend had always  told me I didn't know who you are. Who could he be if not a true democrat whose name had been maligned all the times. Thank God I eventually know who you are. 

The peak of our relationship was the night of the debate when you told us all that this government of Ghaddafi had done wrong. I moved to the podium after the program to exchange a warm handshake with you. I whispered to a friend who has been a hard nut to crack after the program that, we have a brilliant governor in waiting and he quickly apologized for not being so crazy about your bid, just like me. Imagine, the guy came back today to mock me, to harass me, having done so to a host of other people I canvassed to vote for you. He reminded me how he used to tell me about your lack of principles and ideology. He reminded how he used to tell me about your basic lack of human feelings. 

Alas, he's right and I was wrong. To those we have worked together to bring this insult upon the people of Osun State, I say a big sorry. I'm in pain as I write this. Whatever the inducement is like, my once loved principal messed up big time. He will return with empty hands just like his former friends. 

Before I wind up, I want to inform you that our relationship has been officially brought to an abrupt end. I CAN NEVER FOLLOW YOU FOR ANYTHING AGAIN.


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