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Saraki tweets on how to #GrowNigeria , gets a quick tweet punch

Senate President and Presidential aspirant under the PDP, Bukola Saraki on Friday, 14th September, tweeted on how to grow Nigeria but gets a quick tweet blow from user.

According to Saraki, investors need have confidence in the policies that govern Nigeria business environment. Talks on how the country can become more business friendly and meet up with global practice.

"To #GrowNigeria, investors must have confidence in the policies that govern our business environment. As job creators, they want to be sure of the rules of engagement in any economy before investing, and rightfully so."

"Many recent government actions do not instill confidence. The uncertainty and lack of clarity as to how the decisions are arrived at would certainly discourage existing and potential investors. Moreso, when some policies emanate from agencies that do not have the supervision.
#GrowNigeria means Nigeria becoming a more business-friendly environment with consistent policies that meet global best practices."

A tweeter user, Chudy Okonkwo, didn't find this interesting, he says Saraki is trying to release what he had canned. He believes giving him the chance to become president of Nigeria "is  an  ENDORSEMENT for  Corruption , Impunity and Gangsterism!"

"Crooked Saraki spent the last 3yrs frustrating every effort made to better the lives of ordinary Nigerians. For 3yrs he held the country hostage just because he wants to be President. Is that not wicked evil? The problems he highlighted  at his declaration ,are the problems he spent the 3yrs trying to create so that he can talk about it now. Endorsing Sen Saraki  for any public office , is  an  ENDORSEMENT for  Corruption , Impunity and Gangsterism!

Though some Nigerians like Saka Olawale are positive that this plan of Saraki would work if implemented. He believes this idea would encourage more foreign investors and again, the Lazy Nigerian Youth factor comes to play again.

"Sincerely, I am in love with the angle you are coming from to #GrowNigeria, it's important to set policies that will encourage foreign investors, we no longer need a President that is presenting Nigerians in bad spotlight to the world by saying 'Nigerian youths are lazy'. I wonder what comes to the minds of investors across the globe when our president said 'Nigerian youths are lazy'
Am sure none of them will be triggered to come and invest in Nigeria."

On a general note, if this talk becomes actionable, it will be awesome it drags along other sectors, aside business, to raise the economy and give Nigerians better standard of living.


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