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The Height of Hypocrisy - As found in Church

The height of hypocrisy, whereby they want you to believe that they don't sin or do no wrong, undiluted arrogance that ought to shoke them like the collar around their necks when they expect their congregations to cower at their feet because they see themselves as vessels of the most high.

There is a sentence that says "listen, accumulate  then assimilate", they don't, they believe to be perfect, anyone who doesn't wear the cloak or regalia that symbolises the worker of the most high, they shun those individual(s).

Men of God, from priests to pastors, you are no better than the flocks you gather, disgracing your church member just because you feel insulted, what right do you have to give sanctions, you wear a cassock, regalia, cloak, etc doesn't guarantee that your character or the way you treat people is without blemish.

When you are been told of your wrong doings, you give sanctions, "you shall not receive holy communion, you shall not attend mass for five Sundays, you shall not do this and that ", stupidly sounding like a broken record, all these nonsense is for the fact that you want to be begged, for the person to ask for your forgiveness.

News Flash!,  you are not the Almighty, there are uncountable churches in the country, your  stupidity and arrogance would outrun you when you see no congregation in your precious church on  a beautiful Sunday.

You are no better than the people you preach to, they obviously serve God better than you do, they fear him more than you, because you have placed a notion in your mind that you're of the same level with him. When we tongue lash the government, we should definitely do same with the churches and their pioneers.

Why kill yourself over a religion and belief forced and imposed on us by the Europeans.

Chiamaka NTA

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