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Adandiigbo: Nneoma Adamazi Ocho of Abia takes charge in week six voting

Nneoma Adamazi Ocho

Abia state Nneoma Adamazi Ocho takes charge in week six of the preliminary voting exercise in Adandiigbo 2018.

Nneomas Adamazi's votes have been doing well all along but somehow never got her the winning position against 19 other contestants.

The new week star has once again put Abia state into the status of  "state to reckon with" following thatt of Nwaozichukwu Favour in week one, making it the second time in season 14 heat that  Abia state would be excelling in the challenge.

 The 7th week starts from Saturday, 20th October, 2018 to Friday, 26th October 2018.

To vote in week seven  (7 )go to

Make a text vote to 33811 with the name of the chosen contestant with adandiigbo as a prefix eg
Adandiigbo Ukonu

Alternatively, a bulk vote can be made by  crediting 0016891349
Adandiigbo pageant
Diamond Bank PLC in multiples of 50 naira

Season XIV Adandiigbo is the 14th edition of the Most beautiful Igbo girl and would hold in Imo state come December, 6th, 2018.

The Adandiigbo cultural Pageant,
Igbolands very first culturally themed Ethnocultural pageant designed to  promote the Igbo  cultural heritage .

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