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Aishat Shodipo narrates story after gaining scholarship to TiannaStyling Fashion Academy

After celebrating the gain of scholarship to TiannaStyling Fashion Academy, Aishat Shodipo narrates story of how she got to the level.

While expressing her joy, she gave long lines of how she started, was neglected and how God has finally said amen to her story.

Read her complete expression below:

"As you bear witness to yet another wonderful morning today, you'll not miss the purpose of Almighty God for your life. Your glory will not sink. Your destiny will not capsize. Your fame will not fade, but spread to greater heights. You'll not borrow but lend to nations. You'll not fail but be favoured. You'll not go backward but forward. You'll not breakdown but breakthrough. All your requests shall be granted. May you continue to rejoice in His presence. Amen. Good morning."

"Last year was hell for me, I was depressed, shattered and think so low of myself. I lost alot of things and I thoughts God has forgotten me. I cried uncontrollable and any seconds tears stream down my eyes. I was so depressed and almost gave up on life. Finished my ND since 2014 and have being trying to go back to school but school refuse to accept me. I tell you today no family supported me, they even insulted and wish me ill. I will go on my knees cry, sing and pray. I will tell God make a way where there seems to be no way. My fashion work wasn't going well and to feed was not easy."

"I had to beg before I can eat and I could not afford what I wanted. Hmmm then 2018 came and I kept crying and praying, march 26 the first miracle happened, I was given admission to yabatech for my HND. I did not have a dime but God made it possible and I cleared all my fees and do you know what my matric num is 0001. This means the first student to pay, This scenario gave me courage and I decided I was going to fight for my life. If I see any money, I will buy material and sew for myself and post no one buys for me but it does not stop me from doing it."

"I kept doing this with believe that with persistence things will change, just going through fashion pages I saw the Lagos fashion 2018 and the propose opportunity. I decided to go for it and try my luck, I used all the money on me and even borrowed from a friend to be part of this. I didn't see this coming but I kept struggling to go forward in life. I Submitted my portfolio and many people did, I do not have two heads but I kept praying every seconds with tears."

"This moment came and this tears are real and I had a flashback to my past years and I realise it was God. He kept pushing me to go for greater things. I have a story to tell but the time is not ripe

 I pray God take me to a higher destination than this and lead me on the right path. I will see you all at the top in Jesus name.

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