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Dear Onye Ndozie,
I will love to use this medium to congratulate you as you received your certificate of return today. I can only imagine how you felt, holding that one document in your hands .

But, in your moment of glory, do not forget the process that returned you as the flag bearer of APGA. You happiness should not sway you away from the fact that your victory in the just concluded primaries is undeserved .

You might claim ignorance of what your people deed, but am sure you have debriefed them. You victory was as a result of illegalities perpetuated by your foot soldiers and cronies!

The rigging was massive and shameful,but that's not the reason for this letter.

What you should do now that you have gotten what you wanted is to put your house in order.
Synchronise your house and root out weeds from crops. Majority of those singing your praise are actually doing so because of the little things they get off you!
It's time you face governance and stay away from sycophants that dragged your name to the muds in the first place .

Having learnt what governance is all about from your opponent in the just concluded primaries, I will advise that you sustain the payment of allowance to party officials, an Initiative you hurriedly borrowed from him. In fact, you should forfeit  thirty percent of your monthly salary to the welfare of the party structures in Dunukofia, Njikoka and Anaocha local government Areas.  Allowances should be paid to not just the principal officers but to every executive elected in the past congress!

Tell me, if you don't take care of us, who will?

To whom much is given, much more is equally expected. Do not allow your rigging mechinaries to corner you as usual.

Furthermore, you should understand that as a public servant, you are to run an open door policy.
Tell your security guards and gate men to stop chasing your constituents out. Withdraw that order and face your problems. Your constituents are the reason you have the title "HONORABLE " in the first place.

Last but not the list, tell your Media aides to market you to the general public and stop looking for who to insult. They worries now should be APC, PDP and other political parties.

Congratulations once more!

Yours faithfully
Okoye Chukwudi Emmanuel.                                     

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