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Deji Laurent 

 I mobilised for SDP and later GDM before 1999.... I was the only molato that follows Asiwaju's convoy to the late Abraham Adesanya's house at Ijebu Igbo when ever he's going for the Afenifere's meetings in 1998/1999, I was also there the day Asiwaju opened up to the late Ganiyu daudu at ijebu Igbo that he (Asiwaju) was not giving Ganiyu daudu anything in Lagos state and he hijacked the AD political party from the Afenifere's, I have loved the kind of man he's being politically but, he has offended me to the soul.

He was Governor for two terms, i worked and mobilised hard for him to win the Gubernatorial seat then and his second term too but, after the elections he never recognised me, I got angry and went to PDP in 2006 to run for the LSHA office, won my Primaries, waiting for the Late funsho Williams to win his primaries but we all knew what happened to him, that was how I missed the opportunity to represent my community, Eti Osa Constituency 2 in the LSHA Elections in 2007. I had to contest as Koro's assembly man, I had to prove a point that i was the peoples Choice, i won my Election but, the results were changed by the former LGA Party Chairman, Razak Ogunseye which he later confessed to me and asked for forgiveness. I forgave him and moved on, I refused to go to court against Asiwaju because of the love and respect i had for him as a young politician believing he would send for me and empower me like he did to so many youths, even from the gutters....I decamped back to ACN immediately after the elections in 2008.

In 2012 I ran for LSHA but, I was told to step down for Gbolahan Yishawu who is now going for the third term, am with Wale Edun and a party Loyalist, in 2016/2017 I contested for office of the Executive Chairman Ikoyi/Obalende and I was told Asiwaju chose Fuad Atanda Lawal because, Fuad is a friend to Oba Akiolu's son and Asiwaju protected the Oba's interest, I refused to Protest against his decision and till date Asiwaju has not once sent for me or thought of empowering me in anyway, now Gbolahan Yishawu is on the third term race and I will not let him win... Governor Ambode's election came four years ago I saw Hell, I was beaten by Soldiers at Keffi street but still delivered my polling boots and Ambode emerged.

 I have written letters every year for 7 years to Asiwaju to support one or two of our NGO annual programs but he never showed concern, what a leader he's been to me, I have joined Fuad Oki's group and am one of the state excos, to prove to Asiwaju that I am a Don on the streets of Eti Osa and  Lagos state as a whole I will prove to him that God is Greater than him because he has made me bankrupt without any appointment or compensation what so ever since 1997 that I've been following him with love and respect, now I have been offered a chance at the Accord party and I will take the offer and prove to him that I am the True man of the people...I despise him as my leader now and he caused it.

I have spent over 200 million of my hard earned resources on empowering the people of this community, partnered with First bank, Tecno mobile etc to produce programs, Yishawu Gbolahan that is going for third term has not done half of what i have given to the community and Asiwaju did not blink or think of anything to encourage me for over 20years I have been trying my best, is it because I am mixed or because I don't have a father that knows Asiwaju ? I feel angry inside.

Ayodeji Laurent
President Eti Osa Youth Development Initiative Ikoyi.

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