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Four Arrested for Selling Babies on Instagram

Four persons have been arrested at Indonesia for allegedly selling babies through Instagram.

The Indonesians caught authorities attention after they posted images of pregnant women ultrasound scans and babies on Instagram, with caption containing telephone number so potential buyers could contact via Whatsapp.

The Instagram account, with more than 700 followers, features pictures of babies with their faces blurred out, along with details of their age, location and religion.

For instance a picture of a baby along with a caption that said he was a month old and a Muslim.
A picture of a baby is posted on Instagram, along with a caption that details that the baby is "one month old" and his religion is "Islam", amongst other details

The Surabaya police managed managed to intercept one transaction but were still searching for at least one baby that was sold.

In another post, a picture of a pregnant woman is shown along with details of her location. The caption of the photo states that she is pregnant and those who want to adopt can contact a telephone number that is listed.

They also do proof marketing by featuring screenshots of alleged conversations between the operator and clients.

According to news website called Detik, the account was posing as a consultation service, offering to solve family problems.

"People who want to adopt children use that account and the transaction is completed through WhatsApp," Col Sudamiran, Surabaya's chief detective.

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