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Ololade again! Featured in LUCY's Magazine

Nigeria's London based model, Ololade Ibrahim has been featured in LUCY's Magazine with super model, Ariandna Gutierrez on the cover.

Ariandna Gutierrez

This is coming barely a month after gracing the magazine cover of Jewellery and Watches.

Prime quotes from this edition are around Truth, Earth, Sound, Water, Fire, Love and Air, and Thought, as Ololade rocks different exquisite wears.

Being a Karateka and finding better understanding in it, I chose earth quote which states -

EARTHFeel it while inhaling...and exhaling...Feel the heart beating inside; feel the sensation of clothes on your skin. Feel the space of your body occupies on this earth - from the feet to your head. Compare and talk with your body, your home, what do you think of this trip? Agree? Is it stable?

Pure 'Hara' I only imagine - you only relate if you're into Shotokan Karate.

Though I stylishly find Water sexy on Lola, I am still thinking about how Fire works.

Photography & production
Styling & concept @veronica_bergamini
Set designer @enricodonadello
Filmmaker @giannisomething
Model @ololadeadunny
Hair & make up by @elenabettanello

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