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I hanged out with my aggrieved friends of APGA only to see how all the house members who vied for Federal House of Representatives under the platform of APGA with their good intention to 'let our voice be heard' are being dropped not minding their political structures or experiences they gathered throughout their stay in State Assembly.

My baseless permutation reads lol!

If only they are really ready to join other political parties in Abuja to help us the Igbos or to go there to get their 'out of pocket expenses' back. I am yet to get the names of those who will replace the names below...

1. Hon Romanus Ugochukwu Obi (Orumba North)
2. Ikechukwu Umenwa (IK Russia, Aguata 1),
3. Hon Ikem Uzoezie (Aguata2),
4. Barr Kingsley Iluba (Nnewi South ),
5. Barr Harford Oseke (Deputy speaker,Awka South),
6. Barr Chigbo Enwezor ( Onitsha South )
7. Hon Benson Nwawulu (Ogbalu) and
8. Victor Okoye (Anambra West, majority Leader).

For past eight years, all of them here are busy arranging their political structures to enable them build up 'APGA ala Igbo' as they claim by 'Ndi eriri eri' but this their current method of selection has thrown them into political oblivion and I 'm not sure when they are going to come out of the vacuum and what those OMATA AKPUOBI they fielded for the Abuja debate are going are going to say or are they going to complete the following backdrops that we are trying to break to enable we the Igbos stake for a better position in national politics.

I dare APGA to confront me with that person(s) who they believe, when he or she get into the Abuja legislative building without delay, he or she will easily learn all the legislative procedures including the signs attached to walls to continue.

The fact that they tag every other politician bag eggs, who had no interest of Ndi Igbo at heart, I still do not see the good eggs from their first eleven matching to Abuja to defend Igbos in the national politics.

Onyebuchi Nwafor

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